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What is a “Vérascope”?

Vérascope case
The “family treasure” contains an old stereosopic “Vérascope Richard” camera. It is a model similar to is one and was in use approximately from 1910 to 1935. It shoots on 45x107mm glass plates.
We have a part of its picture production witch tells, some of the family history and more of the World History of that key period. So:

-City's growth
-1914-1918 war (what was big in it?)
-Colonisation and it counterpart travels

I decided to share some plates with you.

Let's open together a box, similar to the one of image side-by, containing those venerable plates.

I show you some plates chosen in the family collection. Each time, I tried to renew the images so I offer you perfect images without denaturing the original document.

The “popottes”

[The “popottes”]
“Never again” they said in 1918. Then, they begin again in 1939, and they continue again and again...
With those images, showing the worse of the human beings, I send a peace greeting to the whole World. To avoid the bad waves, I say another time “Never again” with other words.
Om Shanti
(“Peace” for philosophers from India quite ahead of us).
1914-1918 war series: The “popottes”.

The “popotte”

[The “popotte”]
1914-1918 war series: The “popotte”.

My Grandfather, his Mother and his Grandparents

[My Grandfather, his Mother and his Grandparents]
Family series: My Grandfather, his Mother and his Grandparents.

My Grandfather and his Mother around Camille the photographer

[My Grandfather and his Mother around Camille the photographer]
Family series: My Grandfather and his Mother around Camille the photographer. That is why the framing is so bad!