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I had never been interesting in telling animated stories. It is never too late to do so!

La Tuna para el día de la Madre

In split family, Mother's day is a real torture.
Here is a nice and original gift to 98 years old Clemencia from her daughter María Jesús and his gran son Armando.
Although, they live near to her, they can't see her for several weeks!!

Shooting: Docteur Christophe
Equipement: Canon EOS 7D + EF-S 10-22mm
Edition: iMovie '09
Group: Tuna Universitaria Madrileña
Populars tunes
Licence : Creative Commons by-nc-sa

Stories | 3D anaglyph movies | Time Lapse

Below come two small anglyph slideshows I created for the congresses of the association stereo imagen.

Paris Stéréoscopique

Paris Stéréoscopique is a three dimension walk in Paris throughout 100 years ; shooting with a 3D camera photos taken by a relative nearly a century before.
The interest of Camille Devilard project in 1909-1920 years is that he shot stereoscopic pair photos to document the city he loved before it changed.
Some of this places disappeared completely as he was thinking, others, in change stayed without apparent changes.
The 22 modern photos were shot, when possible, from the same place during misty and romantics day of November 2009: Montmartre, Eiffel Tower, Le quartier latin and Paris city center.
Nostalgic mood is suported by Souvenirs Parisiens a music created especially by PeerGynt Lobogris
Whole is distributed under Creative Commons by-nc-sa license.

Cow Parade in Madrid

Photography: Docteur Christophe
Equipment: 2x Canon A720IS
Synchronization SDM 1.74
Anaglyph: AnaBuilder
Edition: iMovie '09

Artist: PeerGynt Lobogris
Tune: Winds Rider
Extract from Blue Sprit the first chapter
Licence: Creative Commons by-nc-sa

First seen in Guadalajara 25 IV 2009

Stories | 3D anaglyph movies | Time Lapse

This is not because time lapse is fashionable that I tried but more to realize an old dream of mines.

Patio Interior (Part 1)

I am using Stereo DataMaker (SDM) for almost 3 years with a pair of Canon PowerShot A720IS and this little camera is in reality not as bad as it seems especially loaded with SDM. I decided to give a try on bracketed intervalometer functions: Tripod, 3 shots every 2 minutes for 26 hours. Exposure fusion was performed with noise reduction and a great music was picked from my Jamendo's favorites. Some defects but I find the results quite cool.

Stereo DataMaker:
Photomatix Pro:
Music: Café Flesh 4
extract from “Recycle Bin” by Daniel Bautista
26 VI 2011

2011-08-11 Madrid-LG

As Time-lapse is indeed a cool way to shot photos of everyday things and actions, I though it could be worse trying to shoot my once a year trip back to France by car. Tripod on rear seat, camera plugged to car battery and some other technical problems were to be solved but I succeed in producing a nice dynamic movie.

* Photo and processing: Docteur Christophe
* Gear: Canon PowerShot G9 with SDM as intervalometer
One shot every 30 seconds for about 12 hours (1342 images)
* Softwares: Stereo DataMaker, Time Lapse Assembler, iMovie '09
* Music: Mountain Sun by Jason Shaw Creative Commons “BY”).