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If you liked to surf on my Web-site, maybe you want to put a link for the visitors of your Web-site. Then, use one of my banners in order to make your visitors mine. Of course, it would be a great pleasure for me to put your Web-site on my links page. If you don't have the size that fit your necessity ask me what you need by sending me a short mail. Just a short comment, Google likes me, so your Web-site will be easier to find with that search engine!

450 x 80

[450 x 80]
450 x 80 (61Ko)

468 x 60

[468 x 60]
468 x 60 (57Ko)

314 x 169

[314 x 169]
314 x 169 (74Ko)

400 x 150

[400 x 150]
9 II 2008: On Gaël’s request, a new size 400 x 150, fits well in the blogs: classical version.

400 x 150 with animation

[400 x 150 with animation]
400 x 150 (459 Ko) version with animation.




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New neighbour
I moved to a new flat in June 2012 and I sent this image shot at sunset by the window to communicate my new address to my friends.